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Enter in the "Volta della Ginevra"

Volta della Ginevra opened in 2020, thanks to the work of Giovanni. The restaurant opens in Pesaro, near Via della Ginevra, recognized for its history, next to one of the most characteristic spaces of the city: "il Volto della Ginevra" (Guinevere's Vault) in place of the house of the Malatesta family. The important walls of the house embrace and give a historical frame to the restaurant making it, during the summer, a fortress full of freshness and protecting from the cold in winter. It is a prestige the presence of the exterior garden, extremely cared for, where the historic walls are surrounded by nature and flowers. It becomes a very welcoming and intimate environment, rich in stories and legends. According to many, in fact, the passionate and melancholic story of Paolo and Francesca took place on this site,indicated by tradition as the residence of Gianciotto Malatesta. From certain historical sources, "Guinevere" derives by the name of a prostitute or by the name of the second wife of the podesta and captain of Pesaro. According to the legend, however, the name of the street takes the first name of the protagonist of the book who made the souls of the two lovers inflame with love, the story of which moved the Florentine poets Dante.

In three points


Valorization of typical products of the territory, favoring fresh fish from the Adriatic


The restaurant offers the possibility of choosing the cuisine on site or to take away


The place is elegant, inside the historic walls of the Malatesta house in the center of Pesaro

Our menu